bt-head-officeImagine having a vast work force of designers and engineers at your finger tips but no realistic means of getting hold of their new ideas for future projects and no ways of getting their thoughts on existing products.

This was a problem that British Telecom PLC (BT) were suffering from. Throughout the world they have thousands of staff working solely on new ideas, not just telecommunications either, they are also venturing into markets such as banking, creating information points to advise customers of upcoming and existing products and retail payment solutions, harnessing the abilities of RFID, allowing you to put items from a supermarket into your shopping trolley , to which your trolley will know how much that item costs and therefore gives you a running total.

BT wanted to harness the ideas of their staff and came up with the idea of having kiosks within their offices throughout the world. The kiosks would be freestanding, stylish and futuristic, to match their ideas and ethos, the kiosk would be used purely by touch screen and would also have a webcam and microphone built into the unit.

btAfter recommendation, Dumo Studios were invited to create a vibrant, easy to use and stylish application that would capture the interaction between user and the kiosk. As a result the user would be prompted to ‘touch the screen to start’, they would then be offered to leave a video and audio comment, they are also presented with a view of themselves on the screen as captured by the web cam, this offers the opportunity for the user to center themselves and get their hair looking good! They can then press record to leave their message. Once their message has been recorded, they have the option to review and re record their message or save it if they are happy. At the video capture stage, the user is also given the option to type their message instead, just in case they are camera shy!

As far as the user is concerned, that is the end of their experience. The management however will now receive an automatic email, informing them that a new message has been left; they can then download and review it.

With the partnership of Dumo Studios and BT, this solution has now been rolled out within the UK and globally, as far afield as Asia and America, helping BT implement new ideas and produce ground breaking concepts and solutions.