Topman-CTRL-Huw-StephensTopman Ctrl is a brand new concept in UK music, which invites a different act each month to take charge.

The controller will program a gig and give you complete access to their musical world through a dedicated blog – Topman Ctrl is brought to you through mysapce –

Dumo Studios have been working closely with Topman Ctrl – producing a interactive POD which will be in a different store each month. The POD has been in Oxford topman-ctrlStreet, Brighton and Cardiff stores so far and you also have the chance to win money off instore if you spend over £30!

The customer is prompted to either visit the myspace website or text a specified number to find the code for access to the kiosk application. The user enters their contact details along with the code, using an onscreen interactive keyboard, they are then randomly allocated a discount voucher, which is then printed onto a receipt. The customer then takes this voucher to the till along with their purchase to redeem it.

One of the most powerful additions to the concept is the implementation of a 3G data card allowing for live data collection of the contact details that have been entered that day into the kiosk, giving a day by day indication of the success of the campaign and also allowing immediate contact of promotional content for the Topman marketing teams. The kiosk, along with its application are moved to a new store every month on a 21 month promotional exercise.