vent-axia-show-standA lot of our customers contact us to find a solution of how to pass their customers important information from one place rather than having to search far and wide for the answers they are looking for.

This was the requirement for Vent-Axia. They manufacture a wide range of fan based products, such as extractor fans, heaters and radiators. Not only are the products complicated and carry a lot of technical data, they also need to abide by specific installation regulations. All of this information needs to be communicated to a varied range of users, from customers who are only interested in the aesthetics and ecological features, to installation engineers, who want to know the Governments regulations.

After extensive consultation with Vent-Axia, Dumo Studios developed a knowledge bank solution, which would be installed onto and developed around the usage of a touch screen monitor. The application starts by prompting the user to touch the screen. The user is then instructed to enter their contact details which is then stored in a database for Vent-Axia to use at a later date. The user is then presented with a bright and vibrant spider diagram leading to different sections of the database.

Dependant on what information the user accesses, they will be either presented with further options or a PDF of the information they reached, the document will scroll automatically to make it easier for the customer to read, although the user can also drag the document, giving an apple usage experience. Due to the nature of the knowledge bank, a lot the documents link to each other, therefore most of the documents also give you the opportunity to then go to information that links to what you are reading.

The application has been widely used at various trade shows, helping to educate Vent-Axia’s customers and is also in the process of being integrated into their website to hopefully reach a even wider audience, and due to the way Dumo Studios have developed the application, the solution is constantly changing with product updates and regulation changes, showing the trust and quality of our work, enforcing an ongoing relationship.