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Graphic and Print Design | Dumo Studios - Web Design, Touchscreen Software, Email Marketing and SEO in Surrey, London & South East

Graphic and Print Design

Posted by | June 11, 2013 | Services | No Comments
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Your identity is more than simply a logo, but it’s a great place to start!

The importance of a strong brand

In these days of highly competitive markets investment in your own brand is crucial. Dumo Studios can assist you stand out from the crowd by designing and marketing your brand and its connected messages.

Logo Design

Big Daddy of brand development is your logo. This renowned symbol should shoot your message out to your target audience. Our graphic design experts can take your message and roll it up into a hard hitting design that strikes your audience between the eyes!

Business Cards & Stationery

Using your brand and logo Dumo Studios can design and print all your stationary needs; Folders (with a section to emebed your Business Card), Business Cards, Promotional leaflets can all be designed, printed and delivered to your doorstop by Dumo Studios.

Consistency is key

Everything we do for you will be completely incorporated. Your Website, Documentation and Business Cards will all portray your target messages to your target audiences, all with the aim of achieving your target outcome.

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